How to create a better home office

If you work from home, chances are that you spend more time in your office than your bedroom. In order to get the most out of your 9 to 5 (or 10 to 6), you need to have an inspiring, product workspace that caters to your needs and creativity.

While there isn’t an exact science to creating an optimal home office, every person has a technique that works best for them. Here are some of my personal tips for creating an awesome home office that you’ll want to spend time in – whether you’re building a business or just checking out cute kitten videos on Youtube.

Go Minimalistic

Unless you’re the type of person who thrives on clutter, it’s critical to keep a clean, organized work space. If you allow documents, trash and empty Starbucks cups to accumulate on your desk, you’ll never know where anything is and little to no work will get done.

To avoid a mountain of paper, scan docs right into your computer with the delectable little app Genius Scan. Keep files on your desktop neat and orderly in order to find everything with a simple click of the mouse. While you’re at it, de-clutter your computer, including your email. Your brain will thank you later.

Vision Board

To keep your determination strong, hang a vision board above your desk. Purchase a simple cork board and tack inspiration quotes, pretty pictures, ticket stubs to concerts you’ve attended, and anything else that moves you. Having an embodiment of your hopes and dreams right in front of you will motivate you to keep fighting the good fight, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Go Natural

A bunch of studies have shown that lighting has a huge effect on your mood and health. Artificial light can cause migraines and slow productivity. If your space offers tons of natural light, put your work desk near one of your windows to avoid the dungeon feeling and keep space bright and open.

Add a Little Life

Perk up your work space by adding some cute plants to your desk. Plants actually can make you happier and harnessing the outdoors can be refreshing. Plants also help to filter the air and leave space feeling and smelling fresh. If you lack a green thumb, try getting a few succulents for your desk. These guys require little to no maintenance and are super adorable!

Color Therapy

Color has a definite impact on your mood. Utilize different colors in your home office to make the most of the space. Yellow sooths while red arouses the senses.

Play with these suggestions to come up with a home office décor that motivates and inspires you.

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