How to Keep Track of Freelance Clients

As a professional freelance writer, I’ll be the first to tell you that juggling multiple clients isn’t easy. You’re your own marketer, sales person, employee and accountant and staying abreast of multiple projects can even get the most OCD organizer jumbled.

There are several methods to keep track of clients. Here are mine. Feel free to use my method and tailor it to cater to your biz.


It’s important for me to keep a new file on my desktop for each current client I have. Within the client’s folder, I keep separate folders for new and old work, as well as an “invoice file.” This allows me to easily navigate through what I’m working on and what is finished, as well as to see any payments the client still owes me.


I’ve built a barrack of calendars around my desk to keep my life organized. My big calendar allows me to plan out my days and weeks accordingly so I can give myself enough time to finish a project before deadline. I also have a planner that is dedicated solely to my social life (when I get the chance to have one). Having separate calendars for work and play is essential so that you can compartmentalize your life and stay on track.

These adorable, color coded babies created by Zie Darling are also a great way to keep track of your work on paper.

Other Tips

Be sure to have the clients send you everything at the start of the project, including directions, agreed upon price and expected deadlines. This way, there are no surprises and you don’t have to keep emailing the client for more info on the work.

If you’re getting paid by the hour, keep track of your time. This includes every moment you spend on a project, including emailing the client, phone calls, interviews, research and writing. This is critical to make sure you get paid appropriately.

My big downfall is taking on more work than I can complete. Don’t ever think that you can do it all. You may be Wonder Woman, but even she needed a breather once in awhile!

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