Overcoming Loneliness as a Solopreneur

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Working from home can be a wonderful thing. The commute from your bed to your desk takes less than 10 seconds, you don’t need to get dressed/shower/sit in 4439292 hours of traffic, and you can catch a spin class midday when the gym isn’t packed.

But for those creatives that work from home, it can sometimes get a bit lonely. Some weeks, I start talking to my dog in French and my roommate is convinced I’m a recluse.

While going at it alone takes guts, sometimes you’ll need some human interaction. Here are a couple ways to beat loneliness as a solopreneur.

Co-working Space

The number of American entrepreneurs has inflated, totally about 320 out of every 100,000 adults. With more and more folks working remotely, co-working spaces have increased in popularity. I’m a member of Philly’s only all-female co-working space, The Hive. Though I don’t get into the office as much as I’d like, it gives me a chance to escape the isolation of my home office and work in the company of like-minded women. If you want to be part of a creative hub where you can work alone in the company of others, check out co-working spaces in your city.

Switich It Up

Working alone day after day with no other interaction besides your houseplants or cat can make you forget what it’s like to be in the company of your fellow humans. Once a week, bring your laptop to a nearby coffee house and work from there. Believe me, you’ll get so excited over the change in environment.

Hit the Gym

When you thrive, your biz thrives. Hit the gym for a midday pick-me-up. Try enrolling in a spin or yoga class so you can be around others. Not only will it get your endorphins running, it’ll also ramp you up to hit the hustle when you get home.

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