3 Tips for Being a Lady Boss #WomensEqualityDay

According to a recent study by New York Times best sellers, Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield, gender bias in the workplace still exists. The reveal was stunning – a woman’s perceived competency drops by 35% and their perceived worth is a meager $15,088. Another article by Forbes reported that out of the 43% ambitious women who enter the workforce aspiring to top management positions, after just two years the number plummets to about 16%.

Bottom line: You’re competent, now get confident.

Today is National Women’s Equality Day, and we’re a business that caters to female creatives, entrepreneurs, and lady-owned businesses. Here are three tips to cultivate your inner boss babe and take the world by storm.

  • Formulate a Plan

If you want to launch a biz, it’ll only be as sturdy as its foundation. Create a bulletproof business plan, including a budget, who your target market is, and what ways you’re going to market yourself.

  • Lights, Camera, Action

Once you’ve formulated your business plan, set the wheels into motion. Many times, the first couple of months (or even years) are going to be tough, but stick with it! When I was just starting as a freelance writer, there would be times I’d cry myself to sleep over my pitiful bank account and numerous rejections from clients. You may feel like you’re failing, but I promise, you’ll grow wings on the fall down.

  • Get Confident

You are capable, but maybe you don’t know it yet. Get your butt to the gym, take business classes, and employ a life coach to help you get motivated. Mentors and business buddies in your industry are also great ways to hold yourself accountable and not give up.

As always, if you need help getting your biz/blog up and running, gimme a holla!

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