Cute Office Essentials

One of the things that I enjoy most about working from home is that I can glam out my office space in any which way I choose. Gold pens? Check. Loads and loads of Kate Spade notebooks? Check check. Adorable accessories and tons of houseplants? Triple check.

If you’re a freelancer, telecommuter, or just happen to be lucky enough to work from home, you want to create an inspiring office that you actually want to work in. Here are a couple of my workspace essentials.

  • MacBook

My little MacBook is the fulcrum of my business. From writing blogs to editing webpages, it’s where the magic happens (minus the sexy time). Get yourself a functional, sleek computer that works as hard as you do.


If you love chevron, polka dots, or just girly office supplies, then hop onto Kate Spade's website . You’ll find a plethora of chic notebooks, efficient planners, and tons of other goodies.

  • White Roses

Sometimes, us women have to become the men (or ladies) we want to marry. So treat yourself to a bouquet of fab white roses. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’ll make you want to spend more time in your office.

  • Coffee Before Anything Else

Nothing feeds the hustle quite like your morning cup of Joe. Color coordinate your mug with your office décor, or select one with a motivating quote that makes you want to get your work on.

What essentials do you need in your office?

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