Destressing as a Freelance Writer

We all have those moments as freelance writers when it seems like there just isn’t enough time in the day to meet all of our deadlines. Our inbox is overflowing, as is our schedule with client meetings and articles to write. In today’s digital society of telecommuters, it can be hard to unplug from your job when the lines between work and play become so skewed.

To keep on top of your biz, and to stay sane, it’s critical to destress every once in awhile. Here are my tips for relaxing as a freelance writer.

1. Do You

Set aside a couple hours every day to concentrate on your mental health. Meditate, take a nap, or enjoy a walk with Fido in the park. It doesn’t have to be a chunk of blocked off time. Thirty minutes here and there can make a world of difference.

2. Get in the Groove

Create a “Destress Playlist” on your phone and listen to it when you need to take a break. I enjoy simple background tunes such as classical music to enable me to wind down.

3. Scents

Have a couple of scented candles in your office. Studies have shown that certain scents can help us relax, such as lavender. Light the candles and take a brief time out from your work day.

4. The Power of the Pedicure

Treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Just being doted on and feeling gorgeous allows me to take a break from the work week and chill.

What are your de-stressing tips as a freelancer?

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