Getting Through Your Overwhelm

With clients beating down the door for your services, biz appointments to keep track of, and your phone beeping/dinging/chirping/ringing off the hook, it’s super alluring to curl into a ball and hide under your covers. Just the other week, I was feeling the pressure of getting two major projects done, plus about half a dozen little ones, and all I wanted to do was drink a shot of whiskey and hide.

Overwhelmed much?

If you run your own business, much, if not all, of the responsibility rests on your shoulders. Yo, man, sometimes even Atlas needs to shrug it off. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, here are five tips on how to push through it.

Take a Break

No, I don’t mean to run and hide for a week or take a vacation when your inbox is flooding over like the Nile during the wet season. I simply mean to step away from your electronics for an hour or two. Take the dog out, meditate, listen to relaxing music, or enjoy some drinks with your friends. You heard me! Step away from your iPhone! Thank you…

Plan Your Top Three

I’m a huge fan of lists. In fact, my desk is covered with lists for today, this week, this month, 2018. But seriously, you need to get your top three priorities of the day in order. Every morning, write out what NEEDS to be taken care of that day. The less important stuff can wait.

Ask for More Time

Deadlines rule our lives, I know. But sometimes, it’s important to ask for some leniency from clients. If you know you’re not going to miss a deadline, or need an extra day or two to finish it up, let the client know right away.


Energize yourself by hitting the gym. Spinning, running, or yoga can help to perk up your body and your mind.

If All Else Fails, Coffee

Yes. Coffee is proof that God loves us and wants us to get our shit done.

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