Finding Joy in Your Business

My biz is my bae. But, as with anything, the more effort you put into it, the more it can make you feel drained. I don’t want to whine (somebody call the wahh-bulance!!) because I honestly love what I do. Being my own boss, setting my own schedule, and working on content that I feel passionate about truly makes my job feel like playtime.

Sometimes, however, the 10-hour workdays, hiatus from a social life, and no boyfriend because my business is my baby does take its toll. This week, the only face-to-face communication I had was with my local barista, and my dog, Steve.

But I digress. When you’re feeling like throwing in the towel, remind yourself why you became a solopreneur in the first place. Keep fighting the good fight and try following these tips to find joy in your biz.

Celebrate the Little Victories

Got a new client? Yay!! Received some awesome feedback from an existing one? Yayyy! It’s critical to celebrate the little victories along the way. Also, enjoying the fruits of your labor is one key to really enjoying your business. You put in the hard work and you earn that Yves Saint Laurent bag. You know exactly which one I’m talking about, girl.

Ignore the Haters

I once had a guy tell me flatout that he didn’t want to date me because of my commitment to my business. Whaaaaa? During your journey to the top, there is going to be tons of folks talking smack, either about you, how you’re doing it, or whatever. Ignore them. Haters are gonna hate and you’ll get paid whether they love you or not.

Take Breaks

You may find it’s tough to pull yourself away from your desk, but trust me, mini breaks are worth it. I recently took a weekend trip up to Boston and it was heaven.

During the day, be sure to take a breather too. Go to the gym, grab lunch, or call your mom. I mean, you should really call your mother – she loves you.


Connect with other entrepreneurs or telecommuters to ward off loneliness. Join a Facebook group, look into co-working space, or just go to local networking events.

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