On Beating Writer's Block

When I tell folks that I’m a writer they kind of look at me with a tilted head and ask, “Really? So what else do you do? Are you a hostess?”

Despite what most people think, writing is hard work. Especially if you’re writing content and sending pitches to multiple clients. You are expected to come up with fresh ideas on a daily basis. And sometimes, the creative juices will not flow.

Here are a few tips for fending off writer’s block.

Write What You Know

It may sound cliché, if not obtuse. “Well, I know how to fold sheets,” you might be thinking. I’m not suggesting you wax poetic on all things laundry-related. Just write about items that get you pumped. If you have a special interest or hobby, write a paragraph or two on why you those activities make you happy. If you write about things you love, the ink will rarely go dry.

Read Blogs

Get inspired by others. Take an hour each morning to read your favorite blogs and see what topics are trending. You can also create a Google alert to get emails daily on blogging topics that others are writing about.


Anxiety can be your (and your blog’s) worst enemy. If you can’t seem to think about a topic to write about, take a breather. Remember, stress stifles.

Do Your Homework

If you write regularly for other people, you may be asked to cover topics you have no interest in or no knowledge on. Now is the time to pretend you’re a poor, lowly grad student all over again and do research on the subject of interest. Google can be your BFF in these instances.

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