What I'm Thankful For This Year

I know this is a bit late. But between stuffing myself with turkey, hanging with friends and family, and traveling this week, my poor little blog has been painfully neglected.

Tis the season to focus on the positive. Being a cup-half-empty gal, this is always a hard task for me to do. Like, when I was younger, my mother always made me list one good thing that happened to me that day. And I always came up short. “Uhh, I didn’t die” was the popular response.

So, in celebration of all things thanksgiving, here is a list of what I’m thankful this year.

  • My health. My sister recently had a stroke, and it put things in perspective for me. I am blessed with a healthy and sound body that I take for granted every day. It may not be the perfect 24-36-24 bod, but it’s mine, and it works.

  • My family. They are my rock, my swift kick-to-the-ass, my fan club.

  • My wild and crazy friends. I am so lucky to say that I have found my tribe in this great big, effed up world. They keep my grounded, support me in my decisions, and are always ALWAYS there.

  • My job. Sure, I bitch about working sometimes, but I’m absolutely grateful to have a career that nourishes my creativity and love of the written word.

  • My dog. It’s so nice to always come home to a smiling face and a wiggly butt.

  • My car. I just bought a new car last month and it’s my first real big girl purchase.

  • Getting to actually pursue what I love. Whether it be riding a horse, riding a motorcycle, or writing for a client, I get to do what I love every single day.

  • My apartment. I spent a lot of time decorating it to perfection, and I love coming home to a place where I feel safe, cozy, and relaxed.

What are you thankful babes? Leave your comments down below. And happy, happy holidays to you all!

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