2016 Resolutions for Freelance Writers

So, NYE is almost upon us. To be honest, I’m super stoked for what 2016 has to offer me. Not quite that excited for New Year’s Day in Philly though. Our city goes all out. I’m not sure if you know what a mummer is, but for one day each year, totally straight men dress up in rhinestones and prance down the streets with parasols. It’s quite a site to behold.

For 2016, you should have bigger plans than to vomit under a couch on New Year’s Eve. Besides hitting the gym or eating more kale this year, here are some quick and easy resolutions for freelance writers.

Learn a New Specialty

Stuck writing evergreen or SEO articles and getting bored? Try becoming more versatile and learning a new writing specialty. Hop online and find an e-course on eBooks, blogging, or content marketing. By expanding what you can do, you can also expand your client base.

Find New Clients

Speaking about clients, the new year brings new chances to write for more people. Visit freelancewritinggigs.com, MediaBistro, or search for “freelance writing” on Indeed to send out more resumes. You can also set up a daily Google Alerts email to send new jobs directly into your inbox. Score!

You can also reach out to clients you haven’t written for in awhile and see if they have any new work they’d like to send your way.

2016 Editorial Calendar

Now’s the time to get your game face on for 2016 and boost your blog rankings. Set aside a section of your planner or use a notebook to create an editorial calendar. Schedule regular blog posts, keep track of your rankings via Google Analytics, and make sure to improve your presence by sharing your content on social media sites.

Give Thanks

The holidays are a time to be grateful and give thanks. Show your clients the love by sending them a thank you card or email addressing how thankful you are to have the opportunity to be writing for them. They pay your bills so hey, it’s cool to show your gratitude often.

Happy 2016, babes! I hope this year provides you with nothing but light and love!

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