Ways to get back on Track as a Freelance Writer

OMGGGG can you guys believe it’s already midway through February?! It definitely seems like 2016 is flying by. This year has already been packed with changes and challenges for me, and it seems like I could just never get my act together when it came to my work schedule or blog.

Now that things have cooled off a bit, I finally found the time to sit down and plan out a routine, including creating an editorial calendar for my blog, essential errands, horseback riding, fitness, and spending time with my friends.

Everyone feels that they need to pick arbitrary dates in terms of starting over or getting back on track. We say things like, “Oh, I’ll start blah blah blah on Monday” or “I’ll do blah blah blah starting January 1st.” But the thing of it is, we can reorganize our lives and set new goals whenever we want, whether it’s a Tuesday or the second month of a new year.

Here are a couple of ways that you can get back on track as a freelance writer.

Make a Plan of Action

In order to get back into the grind, you need a blueprint of how you’re going to do it. Write down everything that absolutely needs to get done, including contacting clients, writing content, etc. Divide your list into smaller, doable lists that can be easily tackled in a day. The trick is to not overwhelm yourself and set small goals daily that can be completed without burning both ends of the candle.

Clean Your Work Space

Having a fresh desk is like having a clean slate. Set aside a designated time to clean your office. Throw out any accumulated paperwork, organize your items, and dust off your décor. While you’re at it, give your laptop a spring cleaning too. Clear out any docs that you don’t need, organize your desktop items, and place everything in designated folders (i.e. current client work, past client work, finances, etc).

Set Deadlines

When utilizing the daily to-do lists mentioned above, set deadlines for yourself. As writers, our lives our governed by deadlines. Self-appointed deadlines will motivate you to get things done and get on track.

How do you get back on track? Tell me in the comments below.

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