Self-Care for Freelancers

In honor of today being International Women’s Day, I want to take the focus away from work and shine it on you. Namely, your wellbeing. As a solopreneur, the lines between work and life can become extremely blurry – especially if you’re working from home all of the time. But remember, if you put your health on the backburner, your number one asset could start to suffer – ie you.

Running a biz can be an exciting venture that takes up all of your time and slowly leaks into every aspect of your life. You may skip that weekly spinning class to tackle a last minute assignment. Coffee with pals turns into a mock client meeting. Eight hours of sleep a night ultimately declines to eight hours per week while you’re trying to keep ahead of schedule.

I know how hard running a company is without any help. I’ve been there. But it is so, so SOOO important to take a step back and evaluate how your non-stop dedication to your career is negatively impacting your health. Remember, if your wellbeing suffers, your business suffers.

Here are five things you can do starting this week to improve your vigor and your freelance biz.

1. Drink Up

It’s critical to stay hydrated. Not only does your body need water to thrive, but staying properly hydrated strengthens your focus and energy. Set a goal of drinking six to eight glasses of water daily. To keep track of your intake, dedicate a section of your planner to water consumption, mark your intake with an erasable marker on your water bottle, or wear cute bracelets. As you finish up a glass of water, transfer one of the eight bracelets to the other wrist.

2. Designate Normal Office Hours

9 to 5? 10 to 6? Whichever you prefer, you need to set regular working hours to separate your biz from your life. After your hours are up, turn off your laptop, close your office door, and forget about work for the rest of the day.

3. Meditate

Being a hustler can get stressful. That’s why it’s a good idea to take 10 minutes or so every morning to meditate. Not only is it relaxing, but it elevates your energy and keeps you sharp for the rest of the day. There are tons of free meditation apps that you can download to get you started.

4. Plan Ahead

Before you go to bed, write out a list of everything you need to get accomplished the next day, with the three most important items taking priority at the top of your list. This keeps you on track and on target.

5. Schedule a Little You Time

Whether it’s a nice hot bath or a mani/pedi, treat yourself to a little TLC. Indulging yourself every once in a while will make you feel pampered and pretty.

How do you take care of yourself and your business?

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