Why I’m Glad I Stayed Put Or 4 Reasons Not to Travel

The internet is full of articles and blogs beckoning folks to travel while they’re young. Backpacking through Europe as a post-grad is now almost expected of millennials, marking yet another milestone of the quiet transition into adulthood.

I used to be an avid collector of suitcases. They’d sit, ceiling high, in a pile in my basement waiting to be used, impatient as I was to be filled with amazing experiences and trinkets. I wanted a passport fat with stamps, a mind swelling with memory.

Yet it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I experienced Europe by myself. Maybe my initiative for crossing the pond on three separate occasions, each trip longer than the last, could be blamed on a boy I was half in love with, or restlessness, or a need to leave home, or maybe all of the above.

But while I am grateful to have my months in Europe, I am also grateful that I came home. Here are my four reasons why I didn’t travel for too long.

A Blossoming Career

Despite the fact that at this point in my life my career was mobile, it was still new. I’m glad I didn’t commit myself to a lifestyle of hostels and hustling for my next paycheck, my next meal. When I ran out of money, I could make more – but from the security of my own apartment.


When you’re on the road, you encounter TONS of people. But these single-serving friendships aren’t enough to suffice. I missed my old friends back home. They were/are my rock. And in sticking around, I was able to solidify relationships that would last a lifetime.


Yes, it is easy to travel on the cheap. I am a great example of this. But, eventually, the money will run dry. Do you head home then or make charges to your card?

A Place to Call Home

Philly, for all of its crime and trash, is still my home. Let me tell you, there is nothing more refreshing than stepping off a plane, after weeks and weeks of couch surfing, knowing your very own bed patiently awaits you.

What are your reasons for traveling or not traveling?

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