5 Misconceptions about Freelancers

Happy Monday, my friends!

I’ve always been super proud of how I make a living. Not many people can say that they’re actually fully utilizing their college degree and talents to turn their passion into a livelihood. Yet, when I tell folks that I’m a freelance writer, their response is always the same. They cock their head like a dog observing something mystifying and ask, “Oh, so do you, like, hostess for money?”

And despite several attempts to explain how I make money, I still witness their eyes glaze over.

Here are five assumptions (in my experience) people have about full-time freelancers.

You Don’t Make Money

When I freelanced full time, I was probably pulling in about $35-40,000 annually. While this doesn’t seem like a lot to many people, I was proud of the fact that I could make what equated to the salary of a real job from my couch.

But when I told people how I made a living, most thought I was a starving artist, trust fund baby, lying about my earnings or had a second source of income. Which brings me to…

You have Another Means of Income

While this is true for me at the moment (I have a 9-5 in marketing), there were entire years of my freelancing career that I relied on freelance money alone. When I was a full time freelancer, people automatically assumed that I had a second job other than writing. They could not fathom that I could support myself on mere writing alone.

You Can’t Cut It in the Real World

I was seen as a rogue of sorts; a rebel who didn’t wanna work for The Man and never saw the inside of a cubicle.

Your Life in Easy-Breezy

Working from home, setting your own schedule, never getting dressed. A lot of my friends and family thought I lived an easy life.

In reality, it’s the complete opposite. I worked my ass off to build a business for myself. This meant working 10 hour days and straight through the weekend. As a freelancer, not only are you your own boss, but you’re the accountant, bill collector, marketer, etc.

You Write Everything Off

This is only partially true.

Have you experienced any of these? What other things do you know people are thinking when you explain what you do?

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