How to Create a Blogging Budget

You most likely have a budget to keep track of your rent/mortgage, utilities, student loans, food, and miscellaneous expenses. While it’s critical to keep a budget for bills, did you ever wonder if you need to set a budget for your blog too?

In my opinion, yes. When you’re trying to get your freelance writing/design/consulting/whatever gig off the ground, your website is going to cost you. From hosting and design expenses to a domain name, the bills can pile up quick. So it’s important to have a budget in place for your blog.

What Items Should You Include?

When setting up a blogging budget, you need to think of every expense this labor of love will cost you. Definitely include the following items:

  • Domain name

  • Web hosting

  • Web theme/design

  • Plugins

  • Email account

Other Essentials

If you take it one step further and decide to create a business budget (which you definitely should do), you need to think about all of the promo and advertising costs that’ll come along with building your brand. Items such as business cards, blog conferences, software (think Basecamp or Excel when it’s tax time – yuck), employees, headshots, photography/video equipment, and advertising.

All in all, it’s a good idea to set aside some dough each month to help build your blog and your brand. Do you have any items you include in your blogging budget not seen above? What are they?

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