Breaking Up with Your Biz

I’m going through a breakup. One that keeps me up worrying at night and distracted during the day. One that cuts my identity and creativity to the core, and makes me question who I am as a person and what I want out of life.

I’m not talking about some random dude. I’m talking about my business. A thing that I have poured my heart and soul and money in to. A thing that has given me purpose, drive, and fulfillment.

Sooner rather than later, me and my biz have to have the “It’s not you, it’s me” talk. And times like these, times of transition, are hard as hell. Every other aspect of my life is amazing. My friends, my boyfriend, my day job, my hobbies all bring me immense satisfaction and nurture a different aspect of my life. Yet I need that personal velocity. I need that inventive outlet that fuels my passion. But what do I do when the spark has died out? How do you rekindle a flame between you and something that no longer feeds your soul?

It’s super hard to walk away from something you’ve spent 5+ years cultivating. It’s even harder when that entity has brought you joy, money, and the ability to travel. How do you turn your back on that? Where do you go from there?

In one of my more recent posts, I urged you all to never, ever give up on your daydream. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep hustling. But when your daydream runs dry, do you sate it with more water?

I think in these situations, when you need to dump your business, it’s critical to take a step back. Take a breather. Figure out your next move. Of course, give your clients adequate notice that you’re taking a break, but put your brand on the shelf for a little while.

Find other ways to ignite the passion again. Read, meditate, and attend a conference (for all you Philly gals – check out the Fearless Conference this October!). Collaborate with other creatives. Do whatever it is you think you need to do to refuel your zest for your business.

And if that doesn’t work? Maybe it’s time to let go. Sometimes that’s the best solution.

Did you ever breakup with your business? How’d you guys rekindle the relationship?

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