How to Establish Blogging Credibility

It seems like everybody and their mother has a blog now-a-days. With all of that competition out there, it’s critical for you to make your blog and your brand stand out. Credibility is one of the most important factors when it comes to establishing a robust online presence. Here are three ways to establish authority and build your readership.

Holler at Other Bloggers

And no, I don’t mean literally. I mean linking to other bloggers in your niche shows that you’re willing to back up your content with relevant information, which readers greatly appreciate. Plus, the other blogger may notice your acknowledgement and return the favor, giving you awesome street (or blog) cred!

Do Your Homework

Yah, it’s cool to have thoughts and opinions and share them with the world. But if you really want to get your audiences’ attention, you want to put cold, hard facts in front of their faces. If you’re writing on a recent topic or news issue, alwayyyyys do your research. If you’re using facts/figures/quotes/etc., always provide a source.

Consistent and High Quality Content

High quality content reigns supreme in the world of blogging. Additionally, you need to develop a consistent schedule to provide your readership with fresh content to snack on. Create an editorial calendar for yourself and plan out posts ahead of time. Solid, credible content covers current events, new trends in your niche, interviews/profiles of experts, and professional advice for folks in your industry.

How do you stay credible when it comes to your blog?

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