Tips for Increasing Freelance Efficiency - Work Smarter, Not Harder

I’m guilty of it and so are you too – dawdling on the internet, watching too many cat videos on YouTube, and letting your work fall to the wayside. In any given moment during anytime of the week, you can find me writing. And throughout my years of freelancing, I’ve found a few tips that allow me to work smarter, not harder.

Sounds great, right? Increasing your efficiency gets you more articles/blogs/whatever out the door, which gets you more income. So, instead of spending countless hours watching dogs in dinosaur costumes, why not use those hours to be earning wayyyyy more money?

Here’s how to focus, hone in on your work, and get your (efficient) hustle on.


Bundling isn’t just a term used in American Pickers. It’s a way to make better use of your time. I’ve found that grouping similar tasks together (ie emails, social media, blogging, similar type of client work) helps me to be more productive and prevents that frantic of switching gears.

As you plan your day, bundle like tasks together. For example, do initial research for all articles for a couple hours; write all of your emails at once instead of throughout the day, and spend time dedicated to networking on social media.

Set Times for Emails

A full inbox is a sad inbox, and a source of much anxiety. Make a plan to answer your emails at certain times throughout the day instead of as they come in. This helps you to bundle (!!!) your work instead of taking a Pavlovian approach and answering emails every time you hear your phone go off.

Become a Faster Typer

Practice makes perfect! And if you learn to type faster, you’ll get those articles turned out faster too.

Plan It Out

Every morning before you jump on your computer, make a to-do list. Focus on three top items you need to get done that day instead of a to-do list of a thousand tasks. Bundle your work and time appropriately.

If you have any tips on working efficiently, leave ‘em below in the comments! I’d love to learn more ways to increase my workflow.

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