How & Where to Find Freelance Gigs

One of the most frequent questions I get asked in regards to my freelance writing career is where I landed my writing gigs. Once you’ve gotten your LLC, launched your website, have a few published samples under your belt, and finally sit down at your gorgeous new workspace to tackle some projects, there’s only one issue – Uhhh…you actually have nothing to work on.

While I won’t sugarcoat it (finding work, especially when you’re first getting started can be tough), I am here to lend a hand. While there are tons of available tools and platforms available today catering to freelancers in need of work, there are some sites that I find to be the most resourceful.

Peruse Job Boards






Job Search Engines

Simply type in “freelance writer/designer/whatever” and do a nationwide search for available jobs.




Cold Email like a Boss

The last way to land gigs is to just go for it. Be ballsy. This is how I’ve landed my highest paying freelance gigs. Editors looooove when writers take initiative and be pro-active. Find websites that already write about your niche. Poke around the site and see if they have a blog. If they do, scroll through the posts and get a feel for the topics they cover.

If you dig what you see, find a “contact” page on the site and then pitch yourself as a potential new contributor. The best way to do this is to include some sample pitches for their blog, and highlight your expertise in their field.

How do you guys find freelance gigs? Any sites I missed?

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