How to Meet Freelance Writing Deadlines

Let’s face it, when it comes to freelancing full time, you need to live and die by deadlines. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way and as much we wouldn’t want to, we have to put our work aside for the moment.

Staying on top of deadlines isn’t something that just happens by chance or by magic. It involves organization, planning, and tons of hard work. Here are some tips for never missing a freelance deadline again.

Be Realistic

The more clients and work you take on the more money you’ll make, right? While that’s a pretty thought, you should never fill your plate up with more than you can chew. The process of not missing a deadline starts well before the actual deadline is fast approaching. It starts when the deadline is actually set.

If you’re scrambling to get client A’s work done, you may totally forget about client B. Be realistic about your workload.

Allocate Time for Each Client

This is where a planner comes into use. It’s critical to write all deadlines down and allocate the appropriate time for each client. Try tackling the harder ones first. These could be long format articles, topics you just cannot stand to write about, or ones that require loads of research and interviews.

If You Do Miss a Deadline

If you know you’re going to miss a deadline, it’s best to be as upfront as possible, as soon as possible. Explain the situation to your client, apologize, and don’t be mad if they want to go ahead and reassign the work to another writer. And the most important thing – LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKE AND DON’T BE LATE AGAIN.

How do you guys keep on top of deadlines?

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