Does Freelancing Make You Happier? It Didn’t For Me

The prospect of striking out on one’s own can curdle most folks’ blood. A dependable paycheck from a cushy day job may seem like the only predictable method of self-sustenance. Yet, thousands upon thousands of employees regularly look for moonshine work in the hope that it’ll stick and they can one day run their own biz.

Does freedom and flexibility make one happier? The answer to one 2015 study is yes, it does. Why? The absence of a boss, combined with a higher salary and fewer working hours.

But before you barrel into your boss’s office announcing, “I quit,” listen closely to that part of you muttering, “this sounds too good to be true.”

As an ex full-time freelancer turned regular 9 to 5 girl, I never have heard of a bigger crock of nonsense.

After losing my newspaper gig in 2007, I was determined to set out on my own. I was disillusioned with the traditional work place and just wanted an environment where I could make my own money without relying on some other company to pay my bills.

Freelancing seemed like the perfect option. Yet, all rosy for the first few months, I was going out of my mind with having only myself for company and spending half my time trying to find new clients, and scrambling to meet the deadlines I already did have.

This brings me to working hours. Despite what the study says, I don’t know a single freelancer who clocks on at 9 and clocks off at 5. This is mainly to do with THE FEAR.

The fear I (and other freelancers) have about what if this current piece of work is the last one I ever get? So you say yes to every client and every writing work scrap that comes across your plate, even if it pays shit.

And God, I haven’t even gotten to taxes yet.

So, yes. I did choose to go back to the world of 9 to 5 because I wasn’t happy as a freelance writer. I was happier at a company that’d give me a dependable paycheck week after week.

Freelancers – did taking the plunge into solopreneurship make you happier? Why or why not?

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