How to Pitch as a Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you’ve got to be aggressive on your search for new clients. Even if you’re an established solopreneur, the well of work will eventually dry up and send you on a quest to acquire new clients. Take it from me: sitting and waiting for clients to fall into your lap is not the way to go if you’re trying to establish a flourishing career as a freelancer. You need to be prepared to sell yourself.

This is where pitching comes into play. It gives you a chance to be proactive, get in touch with your dream publications, and make a positive impression on potential clients.

But how and who do you pitch to? Well, I’m here to answer those essential questions.

Who to Pitch To: Determining Your Niche

Before you start sending out emails to anyone and everyone, it’s important to know who you’re writing for. If you enjoy writing about self-development and business, you shouldn’t be wasting your time sending pitches to a relationship or sex blog. And vice versa.

Know your writing strengths and what topics you love to write about. Then, start finding established websites that cater to those topics.

How to Pitch

So, you’ve found a publication, website, or brand that’s sparked your interest. You can typically find their contact info down at the bottom of the webpage or in their “About Me” section. Here, you can also typically find instructions on how to send them pitches.

When crafting your pitch, it’s critical to follow all of the instructions. If you were applying for a traditional job, you wouldn’t ignore their application instructions, would you?

In order to increase your chances of success, you should roll up your sleeves and do a little homework before sending over some story ideas to the editors. What topics does this website usually cover? What voice do they use in their existing copy?

Ensure that you have a super solid handle on who you’re pitching to, including who they are, what they cover, and who their audience is.

If applicable, send along relative samples to showcase your work. If you don’t have anything published yet, write up a sample blog or article that fits within the website’s niche and send that along.

If you want to learn how to craft the perfect pitch, stay tuned. That will be in my next blog.

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